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Mr. Milk Gallon

It was 2018.  The children of Smoky Row Elementary were busy preparing for the Winter Convocation, and Mr. Southard wanted to build an igloo.  A HUGE igloo!  So he went on the morning broadcast and asked the children to bring in milk gallons.  But after two days, only ten had been brought in to the music room.  It was then that Mr. Southard called one of his friends to help.  Mr. Milk Gallon went the broadcast the next day to introduce himself to Smoky Row.  He told of the great Milk Gallong family reunion, and how he needed the children's help to see his long lost relatives.  Within two weeks, over 800 milk gallons had been brought to school.  Excitement was in the air, as well as the smell of spoiled milk coming from the stage!  The igloo turned out a disappointment, but Mr. Milk Gallon's presence at Smoky Row has remained since 2018.  Each year he helps with the Winter Convo, gives end of the year advice, and encourages teachers to keep being great, especially if they teach arts and crafts!  Mr. Milk Gallon has big plans for the future, so keep your eyes open!

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